Hello, Ni Hao, Hola, Guten Tag, Buon Giorno, Bonjour, Buna Dimineata, Namaste, Bom Dia; Hasta Luego, Zàijiàn, Tschuss, Arrivederci, Au Revoir, La Revedere, Ate Logo; Hablar, Shuō, Sprechen, Parlare, Parler, A Vorbi, Falar, Bolna; No, Nein, Non, Nu, Nahim, Nao....
Cervantes Nature's Interpreter The Checklist Siddhartha Cantico

Published work







The above were made into one volume entitled NEW BEGINNINGS, published in 1993 and includes all my awards.

3 of my poems gained international awards in the last 18 months: 1) "Final Visit" was shortlisted and thus published in the anthology entitled LEAVING, a text that contains the winning entries in the annual International Poetry Contest; published by Hammond House in 2020, 2) My poem, entitled HANDS OFF! was chosen as the judge's choice in the International Poetry Contest sponsored by Hammond House and was published in their anthology entitled SURVIVAL, in Feb 2021, 3) My sonnet entitled "In Nature's Loving Show", was chosen to be published on the webpage of 'The Classical Poets Society of America', in 2021.

Academic Texts

(Aris & Phillips, Warminster, Wilts, 1994. This tale is one of two so-called interpolated novels in Don Quixote, Part 1. This edition includes, biographical detail, a translation, literary analysis, maps and illustrations and a glossary.   Now available on Ebay

Guillén belongs to a brilliant cluster of Spanish poets made famous by Federico García Lorca. This edition includes an extensive introduction, notes, bibliography and vocabulary and intended for AL and undergraduates.
Published by Bristol Classical Press (Duckworths).

First published in 1922, Hesse's novel has become a classic. My extensive preface includes biographical details, an interpretation of the novel, a glossary of the Sanskrit, Hindu, Buddhistic and German terms used together with a list of the more important people mentioned; pp. 213, published in 1998 by Picador (Macmillan).


NO ORDINARY MAN: The Life and Times of Miguel de Cervantes.
Published by Peter OWEN, London 2002. (pp. 320, includes the latest research, maps, illustrations, bibliography and footnotes.
NB A P/Back edition was published, by P.OWEN, in 2005.

A Chinese translation of my biography of CERVANTES was published in 2015 by the HEILONGJIANG EDUCATIONAL PRESS. CO.
[e-mail is:

There is also a translation into Dutch.

NATURE'S INTERPRETER: The Life and Times of Alexander Von Humboldt (1769-1859).
A thorough, up-to-date account of the 'father' of the Natural Sciences who was inter alia, explorer, geologist, astronomer, travel writer, botanist, court chamberlain, diplomat and a linguist. Published by The Lutterworth Press, Cambridge, UK.
Date of Publication 2010.


THE CHECKLIST.  (Very recently revised)
Nine women and five men meet on a singles only holiday in Crete and discuss what they each look for in a partner. Most have been divorced and speak candidly about love, sex and marriage. In so doing they reveal what they now look for in a partner and accept that traditional attitudes towards marriage have led to today's broken society. They claim a radical new approach to love, children and the pursuit of happiness is needed. Open-ended, it lends itself to sequels. Published by Waterstones and by Author House in 2005 P/B.
'What do you mean she's off the list?' I asked, grinning to myself. 'She's smoking,' Tim winced. 'Look at that cancer stick in her mouth. I can't have that. She may have been Miss Scarborough in 1993 and look cute in her bikini, but if she smokes she's off my list. End of story.'
Surprised at what I was hearing I began to defend young Lena from Leeds - the girl in question - but to no avail. Tim was adamant and so I gave way. Besides, I wanted to hear more...
(From Chapter 1)

Originally published by Author House and Waterstones, this text was totally revised in 2018 and is now entitled THE COST OF LOVING. I am currently seeking a publisher.

WHAT IF?.  (This novel will be published in early 2023 by Austin Macauley in New York, USA)
For young adults WHAT IF? is a novel of magic realism, four girls who attend an international boarding school in England, spend one summer vacation on a farm in Cornwall that is part of a vast underground network linked by lay lines and sacred faults in the earth's crust. Secret forces lead the girls to find a casket in a lake; inside the casket they discover a map with the remark that 'whatever you desire lies in the forest'. Thus begins a quest that takes them to new realms of experience, knowledge and understanding. Adventure, mystery danger and thirst for excitement animate an open-ended novel.
'Every story starts somewhere but its true beginning often lies elsewhere. This story is no exception to that general truth and so chapter one carries an unusual heading. Before the beginning is an integral part of the story even though some of you may like to view it as a prologue. Fine, but it's a prologue with a difference. Just as birth is not the beginning of life - a great deal happens before that colossal event - so it is with any story worth the telling...' (From Chapter 1)

NOAH'S NOBLE MISSION.  (To be published in Autumn 2023 by Olympia Publishers, London)
Noah's Noble Mission is a contemporary novel of magic realism. When Casey is asked to sell his recently deceased uncle's cottage, he finds personal diaries that arguably; extend the confines of fiction.
He discovers that college teacher Noah was "invited" to help humanity to awaken to its predestined potential, the next step in human evolution. But is the world ready to hear his message or will he become another 'voice lost in the wilderness'?
Such is the central conflict, in order to find a solution Noah has to undertake an experiment in the art of living.
Written in everyday, digestible prose, Noah's Noble Mission registers an urgent wake-up call to a world that has lost its roots and purpose.
Open-ended, because the resolution is on-going. A sequel is envisaged.