Hello, Ni Hao, Hola, Guten Tag, Buon Giorno, Bonjour, Buna Dimineata, Namaste, Bom Dia; Hasta Luego, Zàijiàn, Tschuss, Arrivederci, Au Revoir, La Revedere, Ate Logo; Hablar, Shuō, Sprechen, Parlare, Parler, A Vorbi, Falar, Bolna; No, Nein, Non, Nu, Nahim, Nao....


THREE POTS OF GOLD.  (Very recently revised)
Sean Connors, a disillusioned teacher of languages in a London Comprehensive serves three gods: money, sex and knowledge. He reaches crisis point in both his private and public lives and decides to leave teaching and move north with his latest love, a teacher of Classics. Their concerns, worries, fears and loves reflect contemporary life in Britain that, supposedly, enjoys the world's fourth greatest economy.
'Every night before going to sleep, Sean would glance at his bedside table and smile. He smiled because he had turned it into an alter on which he had neatly placed three portable items, a fifty pound note, a packet of Continental condoms and a pocket dictionary. He called it his Holy Trinity, the three gods he worshipped, money, sex and knowledge. Apart from the occasional girlfriend or relative no one had ever set foot into what he quaintly called his 'inner sanctuary, a modern day Aphrodite's Cave... (From Chapter 1)

The author is now seeking a publisher.

ONLY NOW IS REAL.  (Very recently revised)
Thomas Crystal Sands, prone to mental illness, wakes up one morning having made a vow to 'live in the present moment' only. Given that modern life is all about the past and future, it is a life-transforming decision with unimaginable consequences. His heroic decision is heeded by mysterious powers and so Sol, an enigmatic cosmic censor from a distant star, comes to assist him in his unheard-of quest. What ensues is a series of adventures provoking lively exchanges that touch upon major problems facing today's world. This novel examines commonly held beliefs from the viewpoint of a cosmic being whose responses provide objectivity, humour and wisdom.
'...Suffering from amnesia and calling himself Lazarus, he had been discovered walking naked near the village where his parents had their time-share home. Afraid of people and throwing a fit whenever anyone tried to get near him, he claimed he was made of glass and would break into smithereens at the slightest contact. The locals, astonished at his outbursts in pigeon Spanish, had the devil's own job to catch him, which they did with the aid of the local police. It was evident to all that his affliction was serious and so his distraught parents had no option but to bring him back to England to seek urgent treatment...' (From Chapter 1)

Aimed at all readers, especially those interested in Mind, Body and Soul texts and in Advaita Vedanta, New Age Philosophies and in Spirituality in general.

The author is currently seeking a publisher.

ROBIN RAINBOW.  (Totally revised in 2021)
Volume 1 is a work of magical realism aimed at readers (7-16 yrs). Akin to The Little Prince, Robin Rainbow is a rebellious but lovable figure whose birth is a mystery and who, at school, asks the most outrageous questions! He meets the 'living dead',sees things no one else can see and is able to run in-between the raindrops.
'Now Robin, why do you say that English is primitive?' asked his primary schoolteacher, a Miss Siobhan McKenna from Connemara, who spoke perfect Gaelic and dreamt of becoming a film-star.
'I just know it is. The alphabet is incomplete and so the sequence ABCD etc, can't be right, can it?
One day he asked her why should Tuesday come after Monday and before Wednesday? And what would happen if we called Sunday Thursday and Friday Wednesday?
'Nothing would happen would it?' Robin asked her with a grin. And then in front of the whole class he went on, 'and why don't we have a ten-day week with a four day weekend?'
(From Chapter 1)

Volume 2 appeals to Y/A and to their parents. Robin in his early teens meets the "undead" and goes on incredible journeys into outer space, beneath the oceans and is given miraculous powers. He is helped by Conchita, a Peruvian classmate who is given a plant that cures both humans and machines!

Volume 1 now available on Kindle.

THE AUTOPSY OF AN OBITUARY. (To be published in Autumn 2023 by Olympia Publishers, London)
This contemporary novel is mainly a work of literary fiction but includes elements that pertain to the genre known as magic realism. Antique-collector Neil discovers a letter written by his recently deceased aunt that serves as the novel's prologue; her letter reveals her all-consuming quest that was to 'find a new guiding principle that would lead her to the 'true-good', the discovery of which would afford her continuous happiness throughout eternity!

Her quest became an experiment in the art of living; in order to record her attempts an 'experiment in the art of 'biographical writing', was required!

In brief, The Autopsy of an Obituary is a call to reflect on what might really matter in life: a sequel is envisaged.